How long will it take for credit bureaus to respond?

How long will it take for credit bureaus to respond?

The credit bureaus can take up to 45 days to respond back to any letters sent. If there is no response we will send out follow up letters on your behalf. 
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    • How do I sign up for Beautify Credit

      You can sign up for our beautify credit repair here at this link You will also be able to see all the details of what is provided during your credit repair as well.
    • How can I find my credit score updates?

      Credit scores rise and fall based on positive and negative activity on your credit report. You can find this score activity in your client tracking portal. At this link:
    • I am moving what do I need to do.

      While you are in the Beautify Credit Program upon moving to a new residence, temporarily relocating etc. you must re-submit new proof of residence ASAP. If the new proof of residence is not re-submitted to us immediately the  credit bureaus  can deny ...
    • What Identity Monitoring Service do I need?

      As part of our program we require each client to sign up for a credit monitoring subscription through IdentityIQ. You will need to have the PREMIUM account with IdentityIQ.  Please CLICK HERE to sign up for your account: 
    • How do I access my Beautify Credit Client Tracking Portal?

      You can access your client tracking portal at this link here with your login information.